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Ecology & Life Tidex Co Publishing House Presents Itself

The Publishing House Ecology & Life Tidex Co was established in 1996. It is engaged in publishing ecological, environmental and educational literature for secondary schools, colleges and high schools, as well as non-fiction literature and scientific-popular journal Ecology and Life. The main sphere of our interests covers Russia, CIS, activities of international organizations and the European Union. We consider environmental education, upbringing and training to be our priorities. Being an educational and culture-oriented publisher we are tax-exempt according to the Russian law.
All educational literature on ecology that we publish is officially recommended for secondary schools by the Russian Ministry of Education (text-books, practical courses, didactic stuff, etc). Experts highly appraised these editions describing them as the best in this country. 
We were the first to publish The popular ecological dictionary for specialists and people who are interested in environmental problems.
One of our advantages is a non-fiction series Organization of the World. Within this project we have already published Russian editions of books by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Le Ph?nom?ne Human (Paris, 1959), Albert Einstein and Leopold Infeld The Evolution of Physics. The Growth of Ideas from Early Concepts to Relativity and Quanta (New York, 1942), Norbert Wiener Cybernetics and Society, Nikita N.Moisseyev Universe. Information. Society, Vladimir P. Efroimson Genetics of Genius, etc. 
The journal Ecology and Life is the point of our particular pride. It is the major All-Russia scientific-popular periodical edition of environmental trend, member of The Round Table association of Russian environmental NGO. E&L participates in major international exhibitions and conferences (The Healthy Planet Forum and The Third All-European Ministerial Conference on Environmental Problems London, 1999; Seeds of Opportunities London, 2001; Frankfurt Book Fair 2001, Leipzig Book Fair 2002, etc.). At the III All-Russia contest of journalists Ecology of Russia in 1999 it was awarded with the Silver Nike prize of honour, in 2000 it was voted The best green edition of Russia. 
We are proud that Ecology and Life was launched by a world-known Russian scientist and great thinker, academician Nikita N. Moisseev who worked out the model of nuclear winter that has changed so much the mind of civilization and its further course of development. 
The journal enlightens many environmental problems that has appeared lately, as well as urgent environmental problems that are analysed and discussed by well-known philosophers, scientists, politicians, engineers and teachers. 
E&L offers its pages for discussions about the future of civilization in the context of sustainable development, unification and globalization tendencies in the modern world, a complex of natural global problems (bio-diversity, climate change), etc. Much attention is paid to the problem of resources shortage (water, energy, minerals and so on). We also publish materials on educational problems, give methodological recommendations for ecological teaching on different stages of educational process, review ecological literature. Every issue acquaints readers with new technologies, devices and systems that do protect environment.
The journal covers most important international events and activities of such organizations as UNEP, WHO, The Green Cross, Greenpeace, etc. E&L co-operates with federal, regional and municipal authorities and non-governmental structures. 
The main task of our journal is to popularize environmental ideas and make society consider them.
Some articles and contents in English can be found on our site

Ecology and Life Tidex Co Publishing House is open for co-operation with business, scientific, public and mass media institutions to bring into reality joint projects (publishing, Internet, public actions, etc.) and exchange environmental news and information, as well.



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